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A Good Day



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Coffee Catch-Up Casual

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I worked over the Christmas period except the public holidays. Being the newbie, I don’t get to draw straws. I quite enjoyed the quieter time. Head Office was closed for 2 week and most of the staff I deal with were on holiday. I caught up with my filing system on the laptop, completed some online training and went over our marketing material.

Our dog Chi has not been well for a few months so between working and public holidays, we scheduled in visits to the vet. She has had health issues for a long time, recently dropping 4kg in about 6 weeks. Test results show she has developed diabetes. She is now given 2 shots of insulin daily and her health is starting to improve.




I can see the clearing. I hope to get some play time in soon!

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Below you will not find a gallery of Family Photographs for Christmas celebrations 2018. Fun and food was shared by all but unfortunately the photographer (Moi) is also the chef, the entertainer, waitress, nanny, and general all-rounder so not even a snap was taken on my mobile phone. I’ll have to rely on my memories because we had a great day. Merry Christmas!


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The Passing

I held the hand of The Passing.

For four long weeks my light shone brightly as I willingly gave it in an effort to soothe the pain, anguish and confusion of The Passing.

Blessed are those who pass quickly for death can be a cruel transition.

In loving memory of Fay (The Passing)


MM’s (my Man’s) mother has passed away and we have had to put MM’s Dad into a nursing home.  The granny flat has been tidied up and renamed  The Pool House.

We move through another phase in our lives.

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Racing to the finish line


Retirement and being physically and mentally capable of enjoying it is the upcoming phase of my life on the horizon.  As we all do, I want to retire financially independent and comfortable.  Independent of the government and the associated B.S that comes with taking the pension. You hand your life over to them in exchange for money that provides a  basic standard of living. Rules and regulation. Can do’s and can’t do’s. No thank you.

So hence the title of this post. I need to squirrel away more assets to provide an ongoing income when I retire. I start a new job next week and plan to really push on the accelerator.

The position is Sales Coordinator with a large Australian company. I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into something new and exciting.


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Going Mad

“Whatcha doin?” I asked.

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“Where are you going?” I said.

“I’ve been working. I’m trying to get home.”

He was sitting in his recliner chair at home. The mirrors and glass doors have been covered up to hide the reflection of an old man he does not recognise and who frightens him. He slips through time periods of his life. Today he is much younger and still working.

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This gallery contains 5 photos.

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